What is Agile Transformation?

Agile transformation occurs when a group of people holistically revolutionizes the way it delivers value to better serve customers. The purpose is to grow a sustainable culture that improves the ability to respond to change by building stable delivery teams, shortening delivery times, increasing quality, and being hyper-focused on delighting customers. Agile transformation builds the agility necessary to remain relevant.

When is agile transformation needed?

Agile transformation is about outcomes. Every good transformation begins with deciding what outcomes are needed. Some want to increase the consistency of throughout from delivery teams while gaining opportunities to pivot more frequently. Others want to increase customer-focus while delivering value early and often. Some want to gain more visibility and control over what is being delivered to enable better strategy execution. These outcomes are the foundation for planning, promoting, supporting, and sustaining your transformation.

Stabilize delivery

Lower costs

Increase innovation

Increase customer focus

Increase ROI

Increase quality

Respond to changing priorities

Enable strategic decision making

Build better products

The Components of Agile Transformation

Cultural Agility

An often-overlooked aspect of agile transformation is the people. People develop products and people do all of the changing during agile transformation. Your people need to be comfortable with frequently changing work environments, products, services, and tooling. We partner with you to equip your people with the right soft skills to successfully work in a fast-moving, collaborative, innovative environment.

Process Agility

What you place between your organization's strategy and the teams doing work is critical to agility. We analyze the process that connects strategy to execution and identify unnecessary handoffs, slow approvals, and communication gaps that slow throughput and decrease quality. We work with you to apply industry best practices to reduce handoffs, increase team buy-in, and better connect solutions to real business problems.

Business Agility

After your delivery team is producing winning features and amazing products faster than ever, the business side of your organization needs to re-learn how to drive. They’ll need to learn new ways of working with delivery teams to break down large solutions into small, valuable solutions that can be delivered faster. We work with both technical and business teams to build collaborative relationships that unleash their full potential.

Technical Agility

When teams adopt the process component of agile delivery, they begin delivering small pieces of functionality much faster. Organizations quickly find their existing tooling and development practices can’t keep up. We identify gaps in requirements gathering, coding, testing, and delivery practices and work with you to transform them so that quality is built in from the start, teams are customer-focused, and customer solutions are quickly validated.

Change Management Agility

Agile transformation is agile change management. Due to the wild number of variables with agile transformation, the only option you have for success is to start with a vision and strategy and begin implementing it through incremental changes to your organization while getting frequent feedback about what is and is not working. Our proprietary change management framework guides you through transforming the way your organization gets work done.

Successful agile transformation requires agile change leadership, not just agile change management. We work with you to identify formal and informal leaders who can inspire others to transform the way they do work, and we equip them with practices to better navigate your agile transformation.

The Scope of Agile Transformation

The scope of agile transformation depends on your target outcomes. You might need to optimize the way a team works, improve the way multiple teams work together, or revolutionize the way your organization works.


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Whether your teams are delivering software, hardware, services or research, we can transform the way people work together and deliver value as a team. We can provide Scrum Masters, agile coaches, product owners, and experienced agile developers to train, coach, and work with your people to get work done in new ways.


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Agile transformation isn't just for delivery teams. It also requires departments to change the way they manage people and interact with other departments. Our senior advisors are passionate about partnering with department-level managers to transform the way their groups get work done.


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For agile transformation to have the most impact, your organization must increase its focus on better serving your customers while reducing lead times. This enables rapidly validating solutions, quickly delivering value to your customers, increasing visibility, and enabling faster decision making at an executive level.

What you can expect when you level up

30 Days

  • Improved accuracy of release forecasts
  • Action plan created for top impediments
  • Improved team structure
  • Healthier team dynamics

90 Days

  • Confidence in release forecast well established
  • Transparency increased, more business engagement
  • Drastic improvements in team empowerment
  • Teams have gelled
  • Improved delivery predictability
  • Noticeable improvements in quality
  • Technical problems and missed requirements discovered much more quickly
  • Large improvements in delivery output

Happier Employees Creating Better Products and Services

less wasted time with improved employee focus

Improved Organizational Focus on Specific Goals

Timeline Issues Surface Sooner

20 - 60%
Increase in Development Team Throughput

Improved Business and Technology Strategic Alignment

More Nimble Production Defect Recovery

35 - 65%
Time saved by delivering the right features first

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Happier Customers Buying More Product

Problems We Help You Solve

  • Inconsistent or slow delivery
  • Frequently changing priorities
  • Missed release dates
  • Poor alignment between delivery organizations and business partners
  • Budget overruns
  • Poor visibility of progress
  • Quality issues
  • Scope creep
  • Delivering solutions that don't fit the need
  • Low team morale
  • Low customer satisfaction

Challenges to Agile Transformation

  • No clear or consistent definition of what ‘agile’ means
  • ‘Agile’ is seen as just a product development problem
  • Goals and reasons for the adoption are unclear or poorly communicated
  • Lack of skills and experience with agile practices across the enterprise
  • Fixed-scope, date, budget projects created by legal and finance departments and are rarely delivered on time or within budget
  • Lack of tools to forecast completion dates
  • Long regression test cycles that slow time-to-delivery
  • People work on too many projects at once, leading to low productivity
  • Difficulty coordinating teams in numerous locations on one project

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