Agile Advisory

Our business agility advisors partner with you and your team to help you apply Agile development principles and practices to build high-speed, nimble organizations that reduce risk faster and deliver value sooner than ever before. We have many years of experience in Agile development techniques and frameworks and highly skilled at growing high-performing teams. Don't just get an agile coach, get a Responsive Advisor.

What we do

Each organization is different. Some are very new to Scrum and agile delivery concepts and need assistance getting started. Others have been using them for years and need help fine tuning. Here are some common ways we help:

  • Assess organizational agility
  • Identify products and values streams
  • Identify ways to break large work down into smaller solutions
  • Provide honest feedback and observations
  • Identify organizational Impediments
  • Attend team meetings to observe, facilitate, or provide feedback
  • Teach modern engineering practices
  • Lead workshops to address acute needs
  • Establish communities of practice

how we help our clients

  • Work directly with teams to implement and improve Agile development values, principles, and practices like Scrum and Kanban
  • Work with management to better understand and apply Agile development on teams
  • Build a collaborative working environment that Agile teams can thrive in
  • Mentor and coach Product Owners and Scrum Masters in better applying their roles
  • Teach developers technical practices that improve quality and throughput
  • Teach conflict resolution techniques to Agile teams so they can better resolve their own problems
  • Assess how a team is currently working and help the team and management identify improvement areas
  • Work with product owners and management to establish appropriate metrics
  • Help distributed teams find more productive methods of working together
Agile Coach


Scrum Masters specialize in Scrum and fill an accountability on a Scrum team. They often have a long-term presence with a team. An agile coach often has a temporary presence with a team and work across multiple teams. Our expert agility advisors understand the business impact of agility and work with all levels of the organization to provide solid strategic advice with practical solutions that drive better outcomes. We understand the need to mitigate risk, we understand the need for greater value delivery. We provide pragmatic solutions to get both and more.

Your transformation starts here

Agile transformation doesn't have to be difficult. We're experts in the change management process that helps organization succeed in adopting the agile business concepts and practices to build better teams and organizations. Lets get started today!