Agile and Scrum Assessments

Agile delivery in your organization should be as disciplined as your business environment requires to be successful. We're experts in conducting Agile assessments which lay the groundwork for a successful agile transformation.


What we do

A few areas we look at in our assessments include:

  • People and teams
  • Delivery Expectations
  • Necessary skills
  • Management style
  • Organizational structure
  • Past agile transformation results
  • Technical quality and practices
  • Release capabilities and frequency
  • Regulatory and compliance needs
  • Impediments that slow delivery

During and assessment we prepare the plans to guide your organization through an agile transformation to improve your ability to deliver, innovate, and respond much faster to changing conditions

how we help our clients

When taking on Agile Transformation its a strong first move to assess the current state of the organization. Its important to understand the goals of transforming, identify large problems to solve first, and put into action a strategic plan to start your agile transformation.

We'll evaluate current practices at the team level and compare them with desired results from the Agile Transformation

  • We'll work with management to map current practices and organizational structures
  • We'll collaborate on creating a view of where you are now so we know where we're going with the transformation
  • We'll identify systems that are working so they remain intact post transformation
  • We'll explore company culture to understand any barriers that may exist to transformation
  • We'll come up with a list of organizational changes necessary to accomplish your transformation goals
  • We'll evaluate the need for training, while also coming up with a plan to support and re-enforce the transformation.


Assessments help an organization know what to expect when the agile transformation is complete. We help identify risks, goals, opportunities, and ways minor changes can have a major impact.

We've worked with companies big and small to help guide them on their agile transformation. We are uniquely positioned to offer the best advice and patterns for making the agile transformation as seamless as possible to ensure you get maximum organizational agility, return on investment, and benefits as soon as possible


Your transformation starts here

Agile transformation doesn't have to be difficult. We're experts in the change management process that helps organization succeed in adopting the agile business concepts and practices to build better teams and organizations. Lets get started today!