Agile Transformations: Common Challenges and Solutions at the People Side of Software Meetup

Each unique company seeking to transform into an agile business seems like a snowflake from the inside, but from the outside, it’s all snow. Surprising to some, there are common challenges every organization faces and patterns that have evolved.

Some common challenges discussed include:

  • A lack of understanding organization-wide of the word ‘agile’
  • A belief that the solution to being ‘agile’ falls square on the shoulders of development and engineering teams
  • The finance and legal reasons a fixed-scope, fixed-date, and fixed-cost project are often created
  • A lack of tools to predict software development project completion dates
  • Lack of proper education on how to work in an agile way.
  • High defect rates and low quality with long QA cycles
  • Most team members work on several projects at once reducing focus
  • No understanding of how to coordinate many teams, sometimes in remote geographies, on one initiative.


Robert Pieper

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