Product Owner Workshop

Learning to Maximize the value delivered

This workshop is perfect for anyone who will be involved in maximizing the value a Scrum Team can deliver. Boring is the enemy of learning so what we created is a fun and interactive way to help you understand what a Product Owner is on a Scrum Team. You'll learn how they work, why the accountability works, and how you can be more effective acting as a Product Owner. We'll cover many situations commonly encountered as a Product Owner with hands-on exercises. We also cover real-world examples you and other attendees bring from your real organizations so you walk away with confidence acting as a Product Owner going forward.

Training for Your Team

We offer private classes for
organizations who have one or more
teams that will attend training. Private
classes can be held at your location
and allow us to cater to the needs of
your organization.

Training for You

Public classes are a great fit if you or
a few of your colleagues are looking
to attend training. We regularly
teach public Scrum Master classes
virtually online and in Chicago, New
York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

What's a Product Owner?

The Product Owner is an accountability on a Scrum Team. They are the person how focused on value ensuring the Product Backlog is ordered in such a way to maximize the value that the Scrum Team can deliver. They communicate with stakeholders to ensure we're on the right track. In a nutshell, the Product Owner:

  • Maximizes value delivered by the team
  • Manages a Product Backlog
  • Creates & Communicates the Product Goal
  • Creates the Product vision
  • Makes the Product Backlog transparent
  • Synthesizes feedback from stakeholders
  • Attends key Scrum events

Good Product Owners:

  • Creates a vision
  • Constantly validate the vision
  • Know when to say "no".
  • Attend key Scrum Events
  • Communicate clearly
  • Are good negotiators
  • Are goal-focused
  • Create transparency

You’ll leave knowing:

  • An Agile & Scrum Overview
  • What a Product Owner is
  • How to build a Product Vision
  • How to validate the Vision
  • Techniques to maximize value
  • Release planning strategies
  • How to get started as a Product Owner

Who should attend Product Owner workshop training?

The Product Owner Workshop is perfect for anyone involved in maximizing the value a Scrum team can deliver. This may include:

  • People who are not yet Product Owners looking to become one
  • Product Owners looking to level up their skills and be a highly effective Product Owner
  • Managers, Directors, and Executives working with Product Owners who need to understand techniques to maximize value on a Scrum team
  • People with a basic understanding of Scrum who want to learn more about the Product Owner accountability.

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