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Stakeholder Top 3

By Greg Crown / June 28, 2023

Part of the role of a Product Owner is representing the needs of stakeholders to the Scrum Team. Understanding the priorities and concerns of your stakeholders can be a challenge. Synthesizing the input from several stakeholders (who likely don’t all agree with one another) is an even bigger challenge. Going a step further and connecting…

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The Increment: The #1 most important thing you’re missing about Scrum

By Robert Pieper / June 8, 2023
Giving a gift

One of the most common problems we see when teams and companies are using Scrum is that they don’t get the results they’re looking for and have no visibility into progress. In my experience this comes from one thing and one thing alone. They are not producing usable increments each and every Sprint. There are…

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Servant Leadership

By Jason Malmstadt / May 17, 2023
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While some find it a trendy fad, or a confusing concept, servant leadership can be the key to your agile team’s success and growth.

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5 Ws for Unplanned Work

By Jason Malmstadt / April 21, 2023

You’ve planned a Sprint, but then the “emergencies” come out of nowhere. This helpful tool can help you deal with unplanned work with your team.

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What is a Scrum Manager? 5 ways a Scrum Master and a manager are similar

By Robert Pieper / April 17, 2023
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What is a Scrum Manager? A traditional people manager and a Scrum Master may have different titles and responsibilities including direct reporting relationships, but they share many other similarities when it comes to successfully leading and guiding a team. The ability to influence without authority is an important part of being a people manager, but…

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