CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS FOR SENIOR LEADERS & executives from one-of-a-kind agile experts.

In an ever-changing world, how do you stay on top of your game? Agile transformation can be a daunting task for any leader. That's why we've created a workshop to help organizational leaders navigate constantly changing landscapes.

Our half-day and full-day workshops give you hands-on training paired with real-world applications.

Experience is our
best teacher

Our agile leadership training is designed by
experienced pros who are on the cusp of
advancements and transitions in numerous
industries. They’ll talk through best practices and
tips for your organization that will enable you to
hoan in on your strategic goals and the”why”
behind them. Our Agile leaders draw from their
own experiences, as well as the experiences of
well-known brands that have had high success
(and also really embarrassing failures).

Tall Buildings Looking Up

You’ll leave knowing:

  • How to define ‘agile’ in
    your organization
  • How to leverage the relationship
    between the size of projects and how
    agile you can be
  • Knowledge inventory, work-in-progress,
    priority, and how they relate to agility
  • How to define ‘agile’ in
    your organization
  • A brief history of agile frameworks
    seen today
  • Real world examples of successful
    agile transformations
  • Defined & predictive process control vs.
    empirical process control
  • The basics of Kanban and lean
    applications in knowledge work
  • The basics of Scrum
  • Popular frameworks for agile scaling
  • Leadership styles and its impact on agility
  • Organizational culture
  • Legal, Accounting, Finance and Human
    Resource implications

Learn from Responsive
Advisor’s Agile Leaders

Our instructors are not only knowledgeable, they've
applied agile practices themselves in various roles.
With backgrounds in technology and deep
experience applying Agile practices and Scrum, our
experts are here to give you all the tools you need to
help your organization reach new levels of success.

Business Executives

Who Should Attend

Any leaders working more at the strategy level
than delivery execution level including:

  • Senior Managers of
    Technology Teams
  • IT Directors
  • CTOs, CFOs, and CIOs of
    technology companies

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