Scrum Basics Workshop

building successul delivery teams

Our Scrum workshop is a great place to start for organizations that are new to Scrum or have some experience using Scrum, but need some realignment on the framework and how to successfully use it in the real world.

This workshop is a fun and interactive way to help you and your team master the core elements of Scrum including the accountabilities, the artifacts, the events and the values. You'll learn how to use it in the real world through hands-on exercises and facilitated discussions. We also discuss real-world examples you bring to the class so you walk away with confidence using Scrum in the real world.

Training for Your Team

We offer private classes for organizations who have one or more teams that will attend training. Private classes can be held at your location and allow us to cater to the needs of your organization.

Training for You

Public classes are a great fit if you or a few of your colleagues are looking to attend training. We regularly teach public Scrum Master classes in Chicago, New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles.


Scrum is a framework that helps people and teams deliver complex solutions and products while maximizing value delivered to your stakeholders and minimizing the risk inherent in complex problems.

Scrum in a nutshell:

  • A team creates a goal to accomplish
  • that team selects work to complete
  • A usable solution is developed in under thirty days
  • the solution is reviewed by key stakeholders who provide feedback
  • The team them finds ways to improve
  • rinse, repeat
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Amazing Scrum Teams:

  • Reduce risk at every step
  • Create transparency of in-flight work
  • Self-manage around the work, as a team
  • Have finished small and valuable solutions every Sprint
  • Create high-quality solutions
  • Work together to solve problems
  • Focus on accomplishing goals
  • Continuously improve their process and their organization
  • Reduce delivery costs by focusing on goals

Leaving you’ll know:

  • Scrum Theory
  • The three Accountabiities
  • The five Events
  • The three Artifacts
  • The Scrum Values
  • The importance of Done Increments
  • Techniques to manage risk
  • How to make a Definition of Done
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Common practices and tools
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them

Who should attend the Scrum Basics Workshop Training?

The Scrum Workshop is perfect for team members who are involved delivery of complex problems and solutions and want to be more agile. This could include:

  • People with agile delivery experience in Scrum or other techniques
  • Individuals who are new to Scrum and want to be successful using it in the real world
  • Developers wanting to learn how to apply Scrum effectively while continuously improving their team and organization
  • Managers who want to learn new ways to enhance their teams and organizations ability to deliver value and manage risks
  • Stakeholders who want to have a basic understanding of the Scrum Framework, its usage and common pitfalls

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