Agile and Scrum Audits

Agile delivery in your organization should be as disciplined as your business environment requires to be successful. We're experts in conducting agile audits. We ensure your existing agile practices are being used effectively to mitigate risk quickly, deliver value fast, and achieve the Product and Sprint goal results you expected from your agile transformation.

What we do

There are numerous risks companies face when building products and services, including:

  • Cost overruns
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Health & safety
  • Data security

Our advisors have successfully improved business agility in heavily regulated environments in industries such as banking, insurance, security, life-safety, financial services, and the public sector. We know what to look for to ensure business specific issues are addressed.


how we help our clients

If you are uncertain whether your delivery methods are compliant with the rules and regulations required for your industry, an agile audit can help. We will examine your delivery methods and look for deficiencies in meeting the necessary constraints of your business while maximizing the agility of your delivery capabilities.

  • We'll evaluate current structure and practices comparing them against desired outcomes
  • We'll work with managers mapping current Agile development practices to desired outcomes
  • We'll collaborate on a gap analysis between present state and future state
  • We'll craft a list of organizational changes necessary to accomplish your transformation goals
  • We'll assess how teams currently work to help identify improvement areas


Scrum and agile delivery is often taught on the job. When it is, much of the knowledge transferred is more tribal than accurate. Over time, organizations forget the point of Scrum and no longer get the results Scrum offers. It can be more confusing when the company uses Scrum terms but no self-management exits, no increments are products, and no Sprint Goals or Product Goals established or accomplished.

We can spot all the common trouble spots and get your team back on track delivering value and mitigating risks.

Your transformation starts here

Agile transformation doesn't have to be difficult. We're experts in the change management process that helps organization succeed in adopting the agile business concepts and practices to build better teams and organizations. Lets get started today!