Agile Awareness Workshop

Helping create awareness and build desire

People who are not aware of why a change needs to happen nor desire that change often prevent a change from bringing your business the benefits intended. That’s why we created our agile awareness workshop. Its the place to start for anyone wanting to learn how a complex product or services organization can benefit from agile techniques and frameworks to help reduce risk and deliver value faster.

Training for Your Team

We offer private classes for organizations who have one or more teams that will attend training. Private classes can be held at your location and allow us to cater to the needs of your organization.

Training for You

Public classes are a great fit if you or a few of your colleagues are looking to attend training. We regularly teach public Scrum Master classes in Chicago, New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Why is Awareness key?

If you don't know why a change is necessary or even what benefits would come from such a change, its difficult to do your part to ensure the change sticks and the benefits of that change are realized.

Agile Awareness helps:

  • Build knowledge of the desired results
  • Reduce change resistance
  • Build desire for the change
  • Create understanding of agile as a strategy
  • Understanding of how agile businesses succeed

Aware people know:

  • Why becoming an agile organization is necessary
  • How to interact with agile teams
  • What the benefits are of business agility
  • What results they should expect from increased agility
  • Why involvement is so crucial
  • How agile business deal handle communication
  • The larger impacts of agile deliver on the business

Leaving you’ll know:

  • Current and common organizational challenges
  • The problems with predictive product development 
  • The true definition of “agile” 
  • How to grow organizational agility with
    • Communication
    • Trust
    • Leadership
    • Agile product development
    • Impacts to organizational culture
    • Common challenges

Who should attend the agile awareness workshop?

The Agile Awareness Workshop training is perfect for people who are not directly involved with delivery of complex problems and solutions but work closely with those individuals. This may include:

  • Anyone interested in the expected results of agile delivery including those working with agile delivery teams as team leads or managers
  • Stakeholders who are involved in the success of delivery and need to provide critical feedback for success
  • Senior leaders interesting in understanding what the success of an agile business looks like or anyone not working on an agile delivery team

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