Agility Checkup

Have you adopted Scrum or other Agile development practices but aren't sure how successful your teams have been with them? We do Agility Checkups with teams to see what they're doing well and what can be improved. Most importantly, we identify the business impact of agility and create a list of prioritized, actionable improvement items for your teams to improve.

What we do

  • Observe teams in action and look for what's working and what's not working
  • Meet with development teams, managers, key stakeholders to discover their perceptions
  • Compile our findings and recommendations in an easy-to-consume and actionable format

Why our customers ask for Agility Checkups

Many organizations try to adopt Agile development on their own without getting outside training or consulting. After a few months, things often seem more chaotic than ever, and managers are left wondering if this is really what 'Agile' is supposed to be like.

Other organizations we've worked with have utilized our Professional Scrum training and have had three months to a year to put it into practice and want us to revisit them to assess how successful they've been.

Some organizations have sought Agility Checkups after beginning their own Agile adoption and hitting roadblocks. These organizations ask for our help because of our in-depth experience leading Agile adoptions. Although each organization is unique and has unique problems, Agile adoptions frequently run into similar roadblocks across organizations. We can quickly assess why an adoption has stalled and identify actionable steps to restart the adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Agility Checkup take?

It can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks depending on the scope of the Agility Checkup. We can assess one team much quicker than an organization that has a scaled Agile structure with over fifty teams.

What are your interactions with people like during the Agility Checkup?

We do our best to build trust with everyone involved in the checkup process (we aren't the Bobs). We want to get an accurate picture of what's happening, and we can't do that if people are afraid of how our findings will be used. We want to help you and your team deliver products with more quality, productivity, and customer-focus.

What will you do with your findings?

We share them with you and anyone else you want us to. We're happy to present our findings to anyone from development teams to executive teams.

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