Agile Estimation Workshop

Techniques and Tools to Estimate Work

Our Agile Estimation Workshop is perfect for anyone on an Agile team who wants to learn about and try out new ways of estimating work for their team. The number of ideas and opinions on estimation out there can be overwhelming: Hours or Days? Real Days or Ideal Days? Story Points or T-Shirt Sizes? Is Planning Poker helpful? Or should we abandon estimation altogether and just count items? In this fun and interactive workshop, we help you cut through the noise and understand the various ways that Agile teams estimate their work, the pros and cons of each, and share our experiences of tools and techniques that we've found helpful.

Training for Your Team

We offer private classes for organizations that have one or more teams that will attend training. Private classes can be held online or at your location, allowing us to cater to your organization's needs.

Training for You

Public classes are a great fit if you or a few of your colleagues are looking to attend training. We regularly teach public Scrum Master classes in Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

What is Agile Estimation?

Agile teams often use specialized estimation techniques and tools that help them be more responsive to change while still providing some ability to forecast possible future completion dates.

Estimation Techniques & Tools:

  • Planning Poker
  • Wall Estimation
  • Like Categorization
  • Story Points
  • T-Shirt Sizes
  • Group Estimation

Estimation Concepts:

  • When it makes sense to estimate and when to skip estimation
  • Basics of Absolute, Relative, and Same-Size Estimation
  • Pros, Cons, and recommendations for each type of estimation
  • Techniques for estimating in groups and why it matters
  • Tools for group estimating when team members are remote

You'll know how to:

  • Use multiple estimation techniques in the contexts where each one fits
  • Facilitate an Agile Team using various tools for group estimation
  • Practice using new estimation patterns in a low-stress environment
  • Bring new estimation techniques into your Backlog Refinement process
  • Forecast data-driven potential future scenarios for scope and timeline

Who should attend the Agile estimation workshop?

The Agile Estimation Workshop training is perfect for people working on Agile Teams that need to improve their estimation, including:

  • Scrum Masters who want to help their Scrum Teams break old habits and learn new techniques
  • Developers who want increased transparency and better methods to make achievable Sprint plans
  • Product Owners who need to use their teams' estimates to forecast future scenarios
  • Change Agents and Process Specialists who want to help their organization learn new techniques

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