Intro to Scrum (13 of 16): What are Scrum Artifacts?

What are Scrum Artifacts?

Scrum describes three formal artifacts in the Scrum Guide, but why? What is the point of the artifacts? What are the official artifacts defined by the Scrum Guide? What are Scrum Artifacts? I will be breaking down the Scrum Guide definition and exploring what it means for you.

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Scrum Artifacts represent work or value. They’re designed to maximize transparency of key information. Remember that word “transparency” from Scrum Theory? Thus, everyone is inspecting them and has the same basis for adaptation. Each artifact contains a commitment to ensure its information provides transparency and focus against which progress can be measured.

Bullet point one: for the Product Backlog, it’s the Product Goal.

Bullet point two: For the Sprint Backlog, it’s the Sprint Goal.

Bullet point three: for the Increment, it is the Definition of Done.

These commitments exist to reinforce empiricism and the Scrum Values for the Scrum Team and their stakeholders.

That’s it for the Scrum Artifacts. We’re going to dive a lot more deeply into each one of these artifacts and their respective commitments in our Introduction to Scrum video series.

If you find the information on Scrum intriguing and wish to delve deeper, consider enrolling in one of our courses, such as Applying Professional Scrum, Professional Scrum Master, or Professional Product Owner. Should you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Robert Pieper

Robert Pieper has been a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer since 2014 and National Public Speaker since 2013. Robb holds an MBA from Marquette University and an Electrical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering. Robb has 15 years of professional software development experience with a passion for making Scrum work delivering real products and services
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