Intro to Scrum (3 of 16): What are the Scrum Values?

What are the Scrum Values?

Are Scrum Values just a fluffy part of Scrum? Should we really embrace and respect those values? What would happen if we didn’t? What are the Scrum Values? In this vlog, I’m going to go over what the Scrum Guide definition is and what that all really means to you.

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Successful Scrum depends on people becoming more proficient in living five values: commitment, focus, openness, respect and courage. The Scrum Team commits to achieving its goals and to supporting each other. Their primary focus is on the work of the Sprint to make the best possible progress towards these goals. 

The Scrum Team and the stakeholders are open about the work and the challenges. The Scrum Team members respect each other to be capable and independent people and are respected as such by the people with whom they work. 

Scrum Team members have the courage to do the right thing, to work on tough problems. These values give direction to the Scrum Team with regard to their work, their actions, and their behavior. The decisions that are made, the steps that are taken, and the way Scrum is used should reinforce these values not diminish or undermine them. 

The Scrum team members learn and explore the values as they work with the Scrum events and the Scrum artifacts. When these values are embodied by the Scrum team and the people they work with, the empirical process of transparency, inspection and adaptation comes to life building trust. 

When these values are embodied by the Scrum Team and the people they work with, the empirical Scrum pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation come to life building trust. 

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Robert Pieper

Robert Pieper has been a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer since 2014 and National Public Speaker since 2013. Robb holds an MBA from Marquette University and an Electrical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering. Robb has 15 years of professional software development experience with a passion for making Scrum work delivering real products and services
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