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Being nice isn’t always nice

I recently performed an organizational agile assessment and learned a great deal about how they served their customer’s technology needs. We investigated their technical practices, processes to develop and release, but also dug deep into how the people worked together from the people side of things. What we discovered was fascinating. Everyone in the technology…

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Never Do This the First Day of Your Career

It was the first day at my very first job right out of college. Eager to prove that my hiring was a good decision, I sat upright and attentive during the Industrial Engineering department team meeting waiting for my chance to add value to the conversation. Inspired by our department head’s spiel on teamwork and…

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Tackling the People Side of Technical Debt

Technical Debt There’s a concept in software development called technical debt that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing quick and easy solutions over a better solution that could potentially take longer to implement. Technical debt comes with the obligation of interest similar to financial debt, but in the form of extra…

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