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7 vital differences between Agile adoption and agile transformation

In my experience working with organizations that are transforming how they work, many people misunderstood what the goals of the transformation are. This is often the result of not understanding the difference between an Agile adoption and agile transformation. In this post, I’ll explain what an Agile adoption is, what agile transformation is, and seven…

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5 Components of agile transformation that can’t be ignored

If your organization is adopting agile delivery, you are going through an agile transformation. An organization often begins agile transformation because it is a small company that grew up without much official process and structure and things are too chaotic or it is a larger company looking to replace Waterfall style delivery. In this post,…

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Tactical or Strategic? Two Agile Transformation Paths

Leaders seeking agile transformations often have the daunting task of shifting entire cultural and organizational changes necessary to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Change does not occur overnight and utilizing Agile frameworks make necessary transformations manageable and, more importantly, successful. There are two general paths in which an organization will develop agile knowledge.…

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