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Financing Agile Delivery with Forecasts at the People Side of Software Meetup

During our August 2018 People Side of Software meetup in Chicago, Robert Pieper explained how to finance agile delivery with forecasts. Sound familiar..? Your team’s been trained to deliver new features in a short time frame. You’re estimating your work using abstractions like “story points.” The predictability and quality of delivery have clearly improved. However,…

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Agile Transformations: Common Challenges and Solutions at the People Side of Software Meetup

Robb Pieper Speaking at the People Side of Software Meetup

Each unique company seeking to transform into an agile business seems like a snowflake from the inside, but from the outside, it’s all snow. Surprising to some, there are common challenges every organization faces and patterns that have evolved. Some common challenges discussed include: A lack of understanding organization-wide of the word ‘agile’ A belief…

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