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Tactical or Strategic? Two Agile Transformation Paths

Leaders seeking agile transformations often have the daunting task of shifting entire cultural and organizational changes necessary to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Change does not occur overnight and utilizing Agile frameworks make necessary transformations manageable and, more importantly, successful. There are two general paths in which an organization will develop agile knowledge.…

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Agile Means “Anti-Rigid”

In the software community, I hear often that “agile is a mindset” or “agile is a way of delivering software in iterations.” I think a bigger point is often missed. Before I address the missing point,  let me first begin by sharing a little bit about organizations that are no longer agile and why. Like…

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5 ways an agile team manager can improve velocity


A common question we hear from managers and senior leaders is how they can improve the velocity of their development teams. Many agile professionals redirect that manager’s attention to attributes other than output, commonly toward value, because they assume the wrong question is being asked. I totally agree one has to examine the value a…

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Your definition of “Agile” is incomplete

your definition of agile is Incomplete like a piece missing from a puzzle

In the agile community I often hear “agile is a mindset” or “agile is a way of delivering software in iterations,” and I think a bigger point is missing. In general, I think the definition of agile for most people is incomplete. Before I elaborate, let me share a bit about organizations that are not…

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