Stakeholder Top 3


Part of the role of a Product Owner is representing the needs of stakeholders to the Scrum Team. Understanding the priorities and concerns of your stakeholders can be a challenge. Synthesizing the input from several stakeholders (who likely don’t all agree with one another) is an even bigger challenge. Going a step further and connecting…

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Scrum Master Job Description

Scrum master job description - interview with two men

Context of the Scrum Master Job Description  As a Scrum Master, you’ll find many job descriptions that sound like they’re looking for a high-quality Scrum Master but they’re really looking for something else. They’re likely looking for someone that doesn’t represent what a Professional Scrum Master actually does. What follows is an ideal Scrum Master…

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PSPO Assessment Tips

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Licensed Professional trainers Robert Pieper and Gregory Crown give PSPO Assessment Tips that will help you prepare and get a passing score.

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