Leading Agile Transformation Workshop

Leading Agile Transformation is a 1-day workshop for executives, managers, and other leaders in organizations that are currently or will be leading agile transformation in their organization. We give leaders a broad view of what agile transformation is, how to execute it, and what to avoid along the way. We teach agile change management, which equips you and your transformation leadership team with the knowledge and tools to avoid costly agile transformation mistakes.

At Responsive Advisors, our team has decades of experience leading agile transformation within organizations. Our goal is to give you the knowledge necessary to begin or repair your agile transformation.

Schedule a Private Workshop

If you are interested in scheduling a Leading Agile Transformation workshop with Responsive Advisors, please contact us. Our workshops can be held at your location or at an offsite training facility.

Workshop Objectives

  • Obtain a clear understanding of what agile transformation is and be able to clearly articulate its goals
  • Learn what the most effective agile transformation leaders do differently
  • Learn how to begin agile transformation in your organization
  • Learn how to increase the pace of adoption in an existing agile transformation
  • Learn how to troubleshoot a stalled agile transformation

What you'll learn

  • The difference between Agile adoption and agile transformation
  • How to identify and evaluate the urgency for change
  • How to identify and equip transformation leaders
  • How to craft a transformation vision
  • How to craft a transformation roadmap
  • How to execute agile transformation with the 4 As: Assess, Align, Acquire, Apply
  • How to communicate effectively during transformation
  • How to grow a learning culture

Why attend training with Responsive Advisors?

Our instructors have broad backgrounds in technology and deep experience with applying agile practices. They collectively have decades of experience leading agile transformations. They draw on that experience in the classroom to ensure students not only understand agile principles and practices but also how to pragmatically apply them.