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Agile Training from Responsive Advisors Is Different

Our instructors have led thousands of people through Agile adoption. Our courses contain the real-world knowledge and experience that they have accumulated.

Private Classes

We offer private classes for organizations who have one or more teams that will attend training. Private classes can be held at your location and allow us to cater to the needs of your organization.

Public Classes

Public classes are a great fit if you or a few of your colleagues are looking to attend training. We regularly teach Scrum Master and Product Owner classes in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.

We're Licensed Trainers

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What Makes Us Different

  • Our trainers are experienced Agile practitioners that have years of experience successfully applying Agile practices and leading Agile adoptions.
  • We actively lead Agile adoptions, so we have relevant, real-world knowledge of what's going on in the industry.
  • We're software developers. Although we don't write as much code as we used to, we have experienced Agile as product developers and can speak to how to use modern development practices to enable business agility.
  • We don't just prepare our students for their Agile certification - we equip them to practice Agile and Scrum in the real world.
  • We repeatedly receive the highest ratings from our students.
  • We're Professional Scrum Trainers, so we understand how Scrum can be used effectively and have experience doing it.
  • Our classrooms are full of relevant, up-to-date content. We're constantly learning more to share with our students.
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Our Courses

Scrum Foundations

Scrum foundations training is a great introduction to the Scrum framework for teams and organizations. We provide the foundation necessary to implement Scrum effectively and with the most impact. Foundations training is ideal for anyone involved with Scrum teams.

Product Owner

Product Owner training explores Agile product management and how it can be applied with Scrum. Product Owner training is ideal for product managers, business analysts, or anyone responsible for maximizing the value of a product.

Scrum Master

Scrum Master training provides an in-depth look into the principles, values, and theory of Scrum. We address the role and responsibilities of the Scrum Master as a servant leader. Scrum Master training is ideal for anyone responsible for implementing Scrum.

Advanced Scrum Master

Advanced Scrum Master training provides a view of the stances of a Scrum Master and how to effectively apply servant leadership. Advanced Scrum Master training is ideal for Scrum Masters with at least one year of real-world experience in the role.

Scaled Scrum

Scaled Scrum training explains how to use Scrum effectively when multiple teams have to work on the same product. Scaled Scrum training explores how the Nexus framework is used to launch, manage, and structure large scale software projects.

Agile Manager

Agile manager training is for managers and leaders seeking to establish Agile practices in their organization. We equip leaders to form and support Agile teams and be at the forefront of cultural shifts necessary for successful Agile adoptions.

Scrum Developer

Scrum developer training is for those looking to learn Agile engineering practices and supportive ALM tools to improve a Scrum team's quality and agility. Scrum developer training is ideal for anyone working with Scrum that has some technical knowledge.

Leading Agile Transformation

Our Leading Agile Transformation workshop equips agile transformation leaders with the knowledge, tools, and processes required to succeed. We provide a board view of what agile transformation is, how to execute it, and what to avoid along the way.

Executive Agile Training

We offer executive Agile training for senior leaders and executives to help understand what agility means, why its needed, and how to make it work within their organization.

User Story Workshop

Our User Story Workshop teaches how to create effective user stories through hands-on practice. We explore practical techniques and tools for getting the most out of user stories.

Agile Workshops

We offer tailored Agile workshops for teams, managers, and executives to target specific improvement areas to support Agile transformations and ensure long-term success.

Our Training Customers

Milwaukee Tool
MB Financial Bank
Jeweler's Mutual
John Deere

What Past Clients Are Saying

"The course was well organized and efficient!"

I took the PSM I course with Jordan Job in Chicago in August. The course was well organized and efficient, and we learned a lot from the instruction and interaction. I took the certification exam two weeks later and passed with a 99% score. I highly recommend Jordan and Responsive Advisors for Scrum training.

- Ed Tankersley, FanSided, Project Manager

"I came away with several strategies that I wanted to implement right away"

Responsive Advisors did an excellent job with the facilitation of their PSPO two-day class. There was a lot of great discussion with other product owners talking about real world problems and how to solve them, how to forecast agile delivery, and how do drive change especially when your organization hasn’t gone through an agile transformation. Robb kept the conversations engaging and the material was easy to understand. I came away with several strategies that I wanted to implement right away. I enjoyed this class so much I sent my employee (also a product owner). Thank you!

- Lisa Cowgill, Zebra Technologies, Product Owner

"I would highly recommend this course for those wishing to learn Scrum in real-world situations and preparing for the PSM certification assessment"

Robb Pieper provided a great experience in preparing for the Professional Scrum Master assessment. The course was very informative and engaging all while Robb kept things lively and entertaining. I guess I was prepared because, 2 days later, I passed the assessment with a high score. I would highly recommend this course for those wishing to learn Scrum in real-world situations and preparing for the PSM certification assessment.

- Dale Forbes, Gartner, Leadership Partner

"Highly recommend the class and instructor!"

Took the Scrum Foundations course with Jordan Job as instructor. He kept the class engaging, doing a great job presenting the material and handling questions. The class exercises were a very good experience for teaching how scrum works and why it works. Highly recommend the class and instructor!

- Sam Watters, Cray, Software Engineer

Sam Watters

"Finally having the confidence to take the PSM-II, which I passed with a 92%"

Jordan was able to give me the holistic view of Scrum that I was missing even after working with it for years and having attended other training. I left the class excited and confident in my abilities, which is something that I can’t say that I’ve often experienced after a training class. I suppose the truest endorsement of the progress I made was finally having the confidence to take the PSM-II, which I passed with a 92%. If I wind up conquering the PSM-III, I know I’ll have Jordan to thank.

- David de Corlieu, PwC, Manager (Agile Delivery)

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Pieper, CEO Responsive Advisors

Robert Pieper

Principal Advisor / CEO

Robb has developed a strong ability to communicate difficult-to-grasp ideas to people from tech to exec. He is a dynamic and charismatic public speaker. He inspires business leaders to break old ways of thinking by bringing fresh ideas to improve business outcomes.

With his optimistic attitude, Robb has taught and coached thousands of people on agile frameworks and practices. He specializes in executive and management training and coaching but stays passionate about building solid relationships and teams. He keeps first things first. His main objective is 'make it mistake-proof.'

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