Seattle Scrum Master Certification Training Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

psm course overview

The Professional Scrum Master course (PSM) is a 2-day Scrum Master training for those wanting to learn the principles and theory of Scrum and how to practically apply Scrum in real-world scenarios. You'll also learn the knowledge and tools to apply Scrum effectively in your organization. This course will prepare you to confidently gain an industry-recognized Scrum Master certification, the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) from We also offer an Advanced Scrum Master PSM II course.

Who Should Attend?

The Professional Scrum Master course is for anyone involved in Agile software delivery using Scrum. This training is especially helpful for anyone working in an organization that is focused on applying Scrum more effectively. This is the ideal course for anyone looking to prepare for Scrum Master certification assessments from and obtain Agile certification.


  • New Scrum Masters looking to solidify their understanding of Scrum and gain credibility
  • Experienced Scrum Masters who want to gain deeper insights into Scrum and gain hands-on experience with applying it in real-world scenarios
  • Project managers that have used Scrum by doing it but want to learn how to apply it more effectively
  • Project managers that are looking to gain a competitive advantage by learning deep insights about Scrum
  • Managers who are responsible for implementing Scrum or managing Scrum teams
  • Developers who want to learn how to apply Scrum effectively in their context

Course Objectives

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the rules of Scrum through the empirical foundation of Scrum
  • Learn how to act as Scrum Masters for Scrum Teams and stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of servant-leadership
  • Discover how to use Scrum effectively from the start
  • Learn ways to increase the effectiveness of an existing Scrum implementation

What You'll Learn

  • The history of Scrum
  • The theory and principles of Scrum
  • Why done in Scrum is such an important concept and how to apply it with a Definition of Done
  • How to run a Scrum project
  • How to effectively work with people and teams in a Scrum environment
  • How to apply Scrum in your organization
  • What the Scrum Master is and how to apply the role
  • Useful practices that are commonly used with Scrum
  • How to be a Professional Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Master Certification (PSM)

Professional Scrum Masters have shown that they understand Scrum and can apply it to real-world situations. Attending the Professional Scrum Master course from Responsive Advisors is a great way to prepare for becoming a Professional Scrum Master. Every attendee of our Professional Scrum Master course receives a free attempt at the Professional Scrum Master I certification (PSM I) from With a passing score of 85% or above, attendees will become PSM I certified.

Attendees will also receive a discount on the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification exam.

Certification Retake Policy

Attendees that take the PSM I certification exam within two weeks of attending Professional Scrum Master training and do not pass will receive one free additional attempt at passing the PSM I certification exam. Learn more about the exam retake policy.

Seattle Public Market Center

Getting to Our Seattle TRAINING CENTER

Responsive Advisors’ Pacific Coast training center is located on the corner of Olive Way and 5th Ave in the WeWork West Lake Tower. In downtown Seattle, directly across from Bartel Drug Store. Our office is stocked with beverages including soft-drinks for purchase and free coffee or fruit infused water to ensure you stay hydrated during training. Lunch is provided from local restaurants each day of training.


Public Transit

To get to our training center from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), simply ride the Link Light Rail from University of Washington Station and get off as Westlake Station. From Westlake station, it’s about a 2-minute walk to our training center located at 1601 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.

Finding Parking

Our training center provides on-site parking at the Westlake Tower Parking Garage directly connected to our facility. 

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle is home to the Mariners, Space Needle, The original Starbucks,  Amazon and Microsoft’s headquarters, a major hub for the tech industry and so much more. For residents, professionals, and visitors, Seattle serves as a beautiful metropolitan setting for Professional Scrum training. Our Seattle based Scrum Master Certification courses provide a pragmatic mix of theory and practical skills to ensure our students are prepared to practice Scrum in the real world and demonstrate their knowledge by becoming Professional Scrum certified.

Staying in Seattle


There are plenty of fantastic hotels within walking distance of our office. Below are a few nearby options we recommend for business travel.

The Westin 

Grand Hyatt

Sheraton Grand

Seattle Marriott Waterfront

Things to Do

Seattle offers a fast-paced urban experience in terms of food and culture. There are plenty of great places to explore, such as the Space Needle and the original Starbucks for those looking to explore after Scrum training.

Seattle Agile Meetups

Meetups are a great way to network and meet other like-minded people interested in Scrum, Agile practices, and technology. Here are a few we recommend!

Seattle Scrum Meetup


The Agile Mixer


Our trainers are Professional Scrum Trainers, ensuring you'll receive the most up-to-date and accurate picture of what Scrum is and how it can be applied. Professional Training Network Member

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