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3 Biggest Challenges You Can Fix When Scaling Scrum Teams

Broken Down Car

Scaled Scrum occurs when many Scrum teams work on the same product or project. Scaling Scrum can present many challenges as more and more people are added to the mix and transparency and communication become harder to manage. Below are some common challenges that organizations frequently encounter when scaling Scrum. Scaling Scrum Challenge #1: Geographic…

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How Many Scrum Teams Should You Be On?

How many Scrum teams should you be on

This is John, and John is a developer that went through one of my Scrum classes recently. John works for a company that is using Scrum, and they are doing 4-week Sprints. John told me that he works at a sustainable of about 40 hours per week, so over the course of a 4-week Sprint, he…

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