The cost of quality Scrum training – what should you pay?

I’ve recently discovered a few online courses teaching Scrum on the cheap. It got me thinking about education. It also got me thinking about the value people get based on the price they pay. Quality Scrum training can seem expensive. Thus, a market exists for inexpensive video-based training. Universities have a lot to teach on this topic (no pun intended).

A thoughtful student will consider several dimensions when choosing a university to ensure they get the best value for their learning objectives.

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  • The reputation of the school
  • The quality of the instructors
  • The network of students that attend
  • The cost of attending


A school’s reputation is a significant factor. If the school has a reputation of quality or prestige, the diploma students receive will be held in high regard by the community. Alumni will be seen in a positive light.

Instruction Quality

If you want to learn and be challenged by the environment, curriculum, and professors, quality of instruction is important. Reputable and sought-after instructors all collect at the best schools. Industry standard and accredited curriculum are all attributes of high-quality education.


The network of students is important because you build relationships with others that attend. You will draw upon this network in the future for employment opportunities, business ventures, and friendships.


The cost of attending will influence compromises on brand, instructor quality, and network. The price of the education has a direct relationship to the value the top three factors can provide a student. Good instructors are expensive, great facilities are expensive, highly valued education also drives up price. This explains why some of the nation’s most prestigious universities are also the most expensive.

You should still consider the above factors when considering a quality scrum training and certification. Questions to ask are:

  • Is the brand of the class and certification recognized?
  • Is that brand associated with quality?
  • Are the instructors the licensed and highly knowledgable?
  • Can they connect theory to reality?
  • How robust is the community associated with the brand?
  • Is there a community at all?

If you take the course online, you may not get any of the above benefits.

One more question to ask: Is the price appropriate for the value you expect to receive? There is no free lunch and prices that seem extremely low are often sacrificing one or more of the top three variables.

Quality Scrum Training – Conclusion

When it comes to investing in your education in quality scrum training, know that it takes time to learn a new skill. The best instructors have invested heavily in their knowledge and ability to teach and this level of quality comes at a cost. There is no quick path to a great education. If you want the best Scrum education, consider going for the best of the above categories and worrying less about the price. You’ll pay once, but receive a lifetime of benefit and career opportunities.

Robert Pieper

Robert Pieper has been a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer since 2014 and National Public Speaker since 2013. Robb holds an MBA from Marquette University and an Electrical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering. Robb has 15 years of professional software development experience with a passion for making Scrum work delivering real products and services
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