How to Become a Successful Scrum Master in 4 Steps

If you’re reading this, clearly you wanna be a successful Scrum master. Here are four recommendations I can make on what to do to be great at it.

First: we need to master Scrum. Take the words “Scrum Master” literally. a Scrum Master knows their stuff, but let’s avoid being a jerk about it. Avoid ever using the phrase that’s not Scrum. No one wants to hear they’re not following the rules. Instead talk about the purpose behind those rules and why those rules exist. How do those rules benefit you and benefit the company? Start there. You’re gonna win a lot more friends.

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Second: be super curious. it’s really hard to learn when you’re doing all the talking, so learn to ask great questions. I can think of at least eight or nine different types that you should really know.  There are:

  • open-ended
  • closed-ended
  • probing
  • funnel
  • leading
  • loaded
  • powerful
  • recall
  • rhetorical

Know which question you’re asking and which effect you’re hoping to get. Also avoid asking questions where everybody already knows the answer. Again don’t be a jerk.

Third: read a ton. You don’t just have to read paper books you can look at them on your iPad, or your kindle, or whatever electronic device that you like to use. Audiobooks are also a great way to get new ideas while your hands are busy doing other things like the dishes, the laundry, washing the dog, eating a cookie

Fourth: save at least six months of salary. Seriously??? Yes. six months of salary. hear me out… if you’re not rocking the boat, you’re not adding much value. If you’re afraid of being fired you’re not going to rock the boat. If you’re afraid of being fired because you can’t afford to pay your mortgage or your boat payment….then again… you need to save at least six months of salary to make sure you don’t have to worry about those things and you can continue rocking the boat and being a fantastic scrum master.

One last thing, check out this video for three books every Scrum Master should read:

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