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A Scrum Master’s Reading List: Top Books for Scrum Change Agents

By Jordan Job / April 27, 2018

I have had the opportunity of working with many Scrum Masters, both new and experienced, to help them improve in their role. While helping those Scrum Masters, I accumulated a list of books that I think every Scrum Master should read. These books can be read in any order depending on a Scrum Master’s level of interest and…

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Increase Your Agility with One Product Owner

By Jordan Job / April 16, 2018
product ownership requires vision

This post is part of the Scrum Whys blog series. “A product owner can be a member of only one Scrum team” “A product owner must compose every user story” “A product owner creates all of the requirements for a development team” “A product owner is the only person that should talk to our customers”…

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Why Scrum Doesn’t Give You the Kitchen Sink

By Jordan Job / April 4, 2018
dirty dishes in sink

‘Scrum Doesn’t Give You the Kitchen Sink’ is part of the Scrum Whys blog series. Pop quiz. Which of the following is the most accurate description of Scrum? Scrum is a comprehensive approach for product development, and it has the best patterns for success. Scrum is a set of recommendations that should be used as…

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5 ways an agile team manager can improve velocity

By Robert Pieper / March 14, 2018

A common question we hear from managers and senior leaders is how they can improve the velocity of their development teams. Many agile professionals redirect that manager’s attention to attributes other than output, commonly toward value, because they assume the wrong question is being asked. I totally agree one has to examine the value a…

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The ‘Scrum Whys’ Blog Series

By Jordan Job / March 9, 2018
Scrum whys

“Why does Scrum require that you only have one person ‘own’ a product?” “Why do we have to be done with something in a month or less? That would make our testing process really inefficient.” “Why is everyone on a development team called a ‘developer’? Why is it called a development team anyways? My teams…

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One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong

By Jordan Job / March 7, 2018

Many Agile coaches and Scrum Masters believe they know best. They believe teams must follow a certain set of steps and do things a certain way, and if they do, those teams will be more productive, happy, and successful than ever. There’s a problem with thinking that way. That style of thinking is part of…

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Three Dysfunctional Sprint Burn-Down Charts of Scrum Teams

By Robert Pieper / January 19, 2018
Charts and graphs

Why use a Sprint Burn-down chart? A Sprint burn-down chart is a great way for a team to measure their own progress in a Sprint. It helps to maintain a sustainable pace by visualizing progress. It helps to pay attention to finishing rather than starting work. And it helps produce team level transparency, much like…

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Thank You from Responsive Advisors

By Robert Pieper / December 27, 2017

To our clients, former students, and those that we have impacted in even the smallest ways, thank you kindly for your support in 2017. We are truly humbled and grateful. We hope the value we added to your lives this year encourages your continued support in the New Year. Responsive Advisors hit a number of…

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Don’t Waste Your Time with Impossible Resolutions

By Rosanna Suh / December 18, 2017

Don’t Waste Your Time with Impossible Resolutions: Set Realistic Life Goals with Scrum Instead I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago, and for good reason. According to Business Insider, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. The $11 billion self-help industry suggests humans possess a strong innate desire to become better…

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Your definition of “Agile” is incomplete

By Robert Pieper / December 13, 2017
your definition of agile is Incomplete like a piece missing from a puzzle

In the agile community I often hear “agile is a mindset” or “agile is a way of delivering software in iterations,” and I think a bigger point is missing. In general, I think the definition of agile for most people is incomplete. Before I elaborate, let me share a bit about organizations that are not…

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