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Small Batch Delivery & Big Batch Finance – How to Speak the Language Of “Forecasting”

By Robert Pieper / January 12, 2017
Weather forecast

Your team has been trained and coached to deliver new chunks of software in a short time frame. Those using Scrum will be able to deliver in a Sprint. Those using Kanban will deliver as soon as their small feature is done. You’ve learned alternative ways of estimating which don’t include time as a measurement.…

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Four Reasons Your Agile Implementation Isn’t Working

By Robert Pieper / November 8, 2016
Disappointed person

I see four common reasons agile implementations don’t get the benefits hoped for. These reasons include a failure to limit risk, long end-to-end delivery lead times, consistent cost-overruns, and no one knows why you do what you do. Are you in this situation? Read on to see if these match up to your current situation.…

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Setting Projects on Fire

By Robert Pieper / October 17, 2016
burning ship

I’ve been pulled into many emergency war rooms to kickoff last-ditch efforts to save failing projects. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Leaders in the room try hard to believe there’s hope to remedy the crisis. They sell a “great opportunity” to those tasked to fight the enemy. The technical team looks around in disbelief…they’ll have to…

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You Can’t Buy Agile Like a Diet Pill

By Robert Pieper / August 29, 2016
detail of the legs of runners at the start of a marathon race

If you’re in the market to improve your company’s ability to delight customers or looking to reduce the time it takes to get new product enhancements to your customer, you’re probably asking about ‘agile’. If you have quality problems that constantly delay releases, you’re probably looking to be ‘agile’. If you’ve noticed that all the…

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Use Waterfall to Be Agile

By Robert Pieper / July 20, 2016

Ever heard of Water-Scrum-Fall? Ever heard someone in a product development group tell you “they use a hybrid-agile approach”? There are a million ways people continue using a traditional, phase gated, software development lifecycle approach and marry it with an agile framework or methodology. They’ll put familiar labels on meetings to get some of the benefits.…

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