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Can a Sprint be Just One-Day Long?

Scrum uses a concept called a “sprint” to eliminate the risk of complex product development and deliver value sooner to stakeholders. These sprints are no longer than 30 days in length. If you ask anyone doing Scrum how long their sprints are, they will usually respond “2 weeks”. If you ask them why they’re doing…

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Is Agile right for you?

Not all companies need to be agile companies. What does it really mean to be an agile company and how do you know if you need to be one? Watch this video to find out!

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What is Technical Debt?

Technical debt is a plague on software development in companies big and small. But what is it? what problems does it cause? how to we remove it? watch this to find out.

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Let the Agile Rebellion Begin

If you can hear this, you are the resistance. I’m going to make a bold statement. Traditional development is dead in the software industry, but it just doesn’t know it yet. A rebellion was started long ago, and we’ve been fighting a decades-long war against the Waterfall Imperial Army. A line was finally drawn in…

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6 Ways to Tell if You’ve Hired a Scrum Master or a Scum Master

Technology is changing the way we live our lives at such a fast pace. In order to keep up with the demand companies are challenged to find innovative, disruptive, nimble ways to consistently deliver value through frequent delivery of quality software. Many information technology departments turn to Agile Software Development to meet the rapidly evolving…

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5 Non-Glamorous Things Every Great Scrum Master Must Do

servant leader

When it comes to leadership everyone has an opinion about what it takes to do it well. No matter the flavor, leadership has its privileges, perks and is arguably a tough and thankless job; somebody has to do it.  Effective leaders pull from many experiences, qualities, skills, and traits to consistently motivate and inspire their…

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