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The ‘Scrum Whys’ Blog Series

Scrum whys

“Why does Scrum require that you only have one person ‘own’ a product?” “Why do we have to be done with something in a month or less? That would make our testing process really inefficient.” “Why is everyone on a development team called a ‘developer’? Why is it called a development team anyways? My teams…

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One Shocking Thing Many Agile Coaches Are Getting Wrong

Many Agile coaches and Scrum Masters believe they know best. They believe teams must follow a certain set of steps and do things a certain way, and if they do, those teams will be more productive, happy, and successful than ever. There’s a problem with thinking that way. That style of thinking is part of…

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Common Reasons for Attending Scrum Master Training

Agile and Scrum training

Are you wondering if Professional Scrum Master training is the right fit for you? In this post, I will provide an overview of common reasons people attend our Scrum Master training, what they were hoping to get out of it, and what they actually got out of it. “The New Scrum Master” “The New Scrum Master”…

Read More Announces No-Cost Second Attempt for Scrum Certifications recently announced an exciting update: anyone attending a Professional Scrum course will get a no-cost second chance when attempting the corresponding certification assessment for each course. This second chance will only be given if the course attendee takes the assessment within 14 days of attending a course and does not pass. If you are exploring…

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Split Prioritization Disorder

Turn signals

I recently discovered a disorder that has affected many organizations. This disorder often begins quietly, starting slowly in some areas of an organization and spreading quickly throughout. Soon an entire organization suffers from it and is paralyzed by an inability to get work done. Common Symptoms Frequent complaints of too many meetings Work progressing slowly A…

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